Windows XP + FTP Server

I’ve been trying to get Windows XP to serve files over the local network through FTP. Though it may seem obvious (and Windows XP may be a dying OS), I’ll stablish my steps here for further reference:

  1. Go to Add / Remove programs
  2. Add / Remove windows components (yes, you’ll need the Windows XP CD)
  3. With IIS selected, go to Details
  4. Check the FTP Server box (it will ask for the CD now)
  5. Go to IIS > Default FTP Site and configure the accounts and all
  6. Go to Windows Firewall > Exceptions and enable port 21 (TCP)
  7. Go to Windows Firewall > Advanced (and here’s the caveat that took me some time to figure out): select the connection you’d like to use for the FTP sharing, and then Configuration.
  8. Check the FTP Server box.
  9. And that’s it.
Without that 7th step it would not work.
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